Sicily the 49th state?

Tuesday, August 10, 1943

It must have been too much to read every detail about the war every day. The see-sawing p.10_Aug 10, 1943Allied fortunes would induce nerve-wracking suspense. For now, the Sicilian campaign was a brilliant success. In fact, civilians there now assumed they were US citizens and spoke of their “rights and privileges as Americans.” The Allies had also warned Sweden not to give asylum to Nazis. But General McArthur was labeling the Pacific front “the forgotten campaign” and U-boats were stepping up their presence in the Caribbean. As the slaughter of Jews rose in Europe, Dr. Baruch E. Rabinowitz, of the Emergency Committee to Save the Jews in Europe, decried the recent Bermuda conference as a sham. It’s real purpose, he said, was “to explain blandly why [Allied countries] couldn’t accept any more immigrants.” As for President Roosevelt, considered a friend of the Hews, “…he has done less than many of them.” So, it would have been a welcome distraction to read about the pair of young robbers who started out small robbing elevated train stations in Chicago. When they felt they had enough experience, they headed for bigger game – a currency exchange – with .32 caliber revolvers in their pockets. While John Montegron kept watch at the door, his friend John Clark approached the clerk in the cage. But something happened when he spotted the pile of cash, he didn’t merely lose his nerve, he fainted. By the time he recovered, the police were waiting for both young men.



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