Third trimester doldrums? Go to the movies or the kitchen

Saturday, August 7, 1943

“You don’t have to wait around the house for the NEWS, if you want to go to a movie” Lois advised her parents. “It’s enough that I wait around for it to happen. Just try not to think or worry about it.” Still biding her time, Lois busied herself cleaning the house and trying new recipes. She proudly added, “Today was a red-letter day in my kitchen. I baked a loaf of bread. In fact, if I had braided it, it would have been a Cholle. It was surprisingly easy to make and now I can satisfy my occasional craving for Cholle from time to time. Now I shall have to look around for new fields to conquer. Or maybe I’ll return to the pie situation and see if I can make a good one this time.” Cholle (also Challa) is a sweet dense egg bread traditionally braided and served at Sabbath dinner and holidays (except Passover). My mother never made it that I can remember but by the time we settled down after the war, there were plenty of bakeries and delis that sold delicious versions. I remember standing next to her at the counter and puzzling over the numbers some of the salespeople had tattooed on their arms. Here’s a recipe you can try. Or go see “DuBarry Was A Lady”  with Red Skelton and Lucille Ball in glorious Technicolor.




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