Bazooka – The gun, not the gum

Friday, August 6, 1943

p.3_August 6, 1943While the Germans derided talk of an invasion, the Allies were planning to bring over 11,000,000 men into the service by July 1, 1944. Extrapolating from the invasion of Sicily which had required 3,000 ships to transport ten troop divisions. The High Command projected the need for 30,000 ships to transport 1,500,000 troops from the British Isles to open a second front. “Military experts acknowledged that the figures are astronomical,” wrote Chicago Tribune correspondent Walter Trohan. Sweden announced a helpful step; beginning August 20, Swedish railroads would refuse to move Nazi supplies through Norway. In the Pacific, the Solomon Islands looked like a possible base for a major thrust at Japan. Meanwhile, the Army unveiled a new weapon: the Bazooka, first deployed in the North Africa campaign, was a formidable lightweight weapon with heavy firepower. Essentially “field artillery on an infantryman’s back.”

Time to light the Sabbath candles.





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