“Any old Mumbo-Jumbo can sit there”

Wednesday, August 4, 1943

With those words American-born Lady NancyAstor blasted the hereditary British House of Lords for its refusal to allow women as members: “Women in their own rights cannot sit in the house of lords, but any old Mumbo-jumbo can sit there.” She also championed a greater role for women in post-war planning and equal pay for equal fight. It was a day of scuffles and skirmishes on the Home Front, too. Lois wrote home: “We had a little excitement here. It seems one of Abe’s patients ran amuck and was terrorizing the whole ward. Everybody ran to hide and that left Abe to handle the situation. He rushed the guy, got a hammerlock hold on him from the rear, and saved a lot of people from a lot of trouble. I wouldn’t have known about it except that he came home with his glasses broken and I dug the story out of him. You would never believe that such a mild-mannered fellow is a tough hombre in emergencies like that. He doesn’t pick fights but from things I’ve picked up here and there, he gives a good account of himself when he decides that a scuffle is called for.” In Italy, Allied bombardment continued to reduce Sicily and prepare for the advance north. Meanwhile Slovene partisans were infiltrating Italy to stir revolt.





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