Coffee wins!

Thursday, July 29, 1943

More coffee! In his speech last night (link below), President Roosevelt heralded the successes in Italy and spoke with confidence about the downturn of Axis fortunes. These announces alone would have been cheered. But, he added, American productivity was at such a high level, it would now be possible to increase availability of coffee and, soon, of sugar. In a letter today Lois told her father: “For some reason or other yesterday, yesterday came and went without my writing to you. I think what happened was that it was too hot during the day for me to do anything but lie down in a ‘cool’ spot and in the evening, we went to visit some people. The visit started off nicely with everybody listening to the President’s talk. Then they all settled down to the business of the evening which was Poker for the men and Mah Jongg for the ladies. Abe doesn’t play Poker and I don’t play Mah Jongg, so we sat in the separate departments and watched.” Third trimester was obviously becoming a wearying time.

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