Remembering Julius Franks

Friday, July 23, 1943

Julius Franks, a “speedy guard ranked best in the conference,” was the first African-American All American at University of Michigan, a distinction that earned him public notice at a time of increasing racial and ethnic tension in America. He would go on to be a major leader in the struggle for civil rights. Another encouraging item, WGN would be broadcasting “Highlights of the American Negro Music Festival” 9:30 PM tomorrow. The program featured Paul Robeson, the Southernaires quartet, a 3,000-voice chorus, and the army-navy band. Meanwhile, Rabbi Stephen Wise reported that he had discussed with President Roosevelt his hope to avert the “utter extermination of the Jews not only in Germany but in occupied- and Hitler-dominated countries.” The number killed so far was about 3,000,000.

Time to light the Sabbath candles.


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