Lower necklines demand new grooming techniques

Thursday, July 22, 1943

As hair got shorter, necklines plunged. Plus, rationing of fabric encouraged designers to produce pencil-slim skirts and fitted jackets. As if that weren’t challenge enough, the Victory Garden movement inspired vegetable-themed patterns. It all made for quite a fashion stew (pardon my pun). “Square, heart-shaped, or v-neck,” the new lines called for special efforts… so when washing your face, wash your throat and neck just as carefully.” Also, apply hand cream to keep your newly exposed skin smooth. More advice for those not well-endowed: “As there are few women with truly lovely rounded bust contours, we advocate deeper breathing and shoulder and bust exercises that will strengthen the chest muscles which will support the bosom more firmly and beautifully.” As for the vegetable motif:  “It’s quite a trick to portray such lowly articles as carrots, spinach, celery, radishes, eggplant, and cauliflower with dressmaker glamor, but such a trick was turned in plastic buttons or glittering sequin embroidery.”



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