Survival Tips for Castaways

Tuesday, July 13, 1943

Since we’ve been considering food, let’s look at what you might be able to eat as a castaway. Surviving as a castaway was no joke to the military, especially to the Air Force. Ever since Eddie Rickenbacker, the WWI ace who survived 22 days in the Pacific and kept his companions alive when their plane crashed. Since then the military had worked hard to improve equipment such as life rafts, flares, flotation vests, and emergency supplies. But none of it would matter if people panicked or if they failed to take advantage of what food, water, or shelter was available. Castaways on land would at least be able to forage and find water. But at sea, castaways faced many more dangers and challenges. Would you be able to kill and eat a shark? Net sea birds? Catch rain water? Here is a helpful video and some techniques that became part of the military’s survival training:

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