Cooking for three ’cause you’re eating for two

Monday, July 12, 1943

What with rationing, it must have been a challenge for my mother to plan and serve Aprons_July 10,1943_p.13nutritious meals for two people when she was pregnant. She was really planning meals for three! What she couldn’t grow in her Victory Garden, she’d have to buy with a complicated system of different colored stickers each worth different numbers of points. Newspapers helped by offering menus and explaining how to get the most from your ration book. And it was a wider problem for the war effort – so much so that a government official advised war plants to offer a daily meal without ration restrictions to supplement inadequate diets at home. At least the restrictions on coffee were being eased. This week’s menus include veal stew with noodles, frankfurters with hot potato salad, and Italian meat balls with spaghetti. Since she was spending so much time in the kitchen, my mother would have needed aprons. Here’s a cute pattern. In Europe, the Allies rolled up Axis forces on Sicily. On the Eastern Front, the Russians stood firm against 400 Nazi tanks.



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