Citizen Hero Nabs Killer!

Tuesday, June 29, 1943

Unarmed, William F. Mahoney, motorman on the Madison street car line, trailed a killer Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.59.05 PMfor five miles and, with the help of two Chicago policemen, seized the man. Ex-con Ernst Nautski shot 79-year old Joseph Schulte as he was closing his jewelry store. Mahoney, on his way to dinner at the time and hearing the shots, joined a chase. When the gunman disappeared, Mahoney remembered seeing him looking toward the “L” line. He was right behind when the gunman boarded a train and took a seat directly behind him. They both got off at Franklin and Van Buren streets where Mahoney signaled Officer Joseph Killian. Soon Killian spied and summoned Officer William J. Kreuger. The three men then rushed Nastski and pinioning his arms to his sides. Although Nautski denied being the killer, a recently fired.38 caliber revolver in his waistband told a different story. Also in the news, the prize recipe today for jellied beet and celery salad: economical and nutritious.





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