Where’s Waldo [coming from] – WWII?

Friday, June 25, 1943

p.3_June 25, 1943The Axis was pulling back troops toward Berlin and shortening its defense lines in preparation for Allied invasion. But which direction would it come from? Now that the Allies held North Africa, one possibility was through the Balkans. Another was through Italy, which was already under heavy bombing. In either case, the Nazis were abandoning islands in the Mediterranean and concentrating troops along the new defensive lines. These movements encouraged Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Devers, US commander in chief in the European theater to declare “the tide if war has turned.” He didn’t exactly say it would soon but it certainly sounded possible. He also predicted the war would bring about “momentous changes” and that “we must face the fact that the post-war period will require as much courage, possibly even more fortitude than the war years themselves.”

A joyous time to light the Sabbath candles.






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