Save baby food for babies

Tuesday, June 22, 1943

This has nothing to do with nutrition. There has been a big boom in the birthrate resulting in a huge increase in the demand for baby food. But wartime restrictions mean processors and canners can’t produce more strained or chopped fruits and vegetables than the previous year despite an anticipated need for some 250 million dozen cans. “The moral is this,” writes Mary Meade. “Don’t take food out of the mouths of babies!” Some good news on the Home Front: the “pressure cooker situation” for canning is easing with over 20,000 new cookers available in Illinois alone. So, if you intend to put up your own food, submit an application to your local USDA War Board. Meanwhile, a dire situation existed in Detroit where a race riot left with 23 dead, twenty of them African-American, and 700 injured. Martial Law was declared as mobs of 400 to 500 roamed the city stoning, fighting, and looting. Jenoise Allen-Woods recalls the event.








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