War Games – For Real

Wednesday, June 9, 1943

The Nazis had it all figured out: An Allied invasion would land in Normandy, would lose most of its first wave invasion force but could establish a beachhead. The third day would be critical. Estimating that the Allies would need 1,500,000 troops for “an effective attack,” the German high command projected that by this time it would have brought up heavy reinforcements. (For the record, American rolls of male civilians already stood at over 1,300,000.) The Germans also pinned their hopes on the many sea forts they had built along the west coast of Europe. These predictions weren’t far from what the Allies themselves were planning, according to an interview reported today with Daniel Noce, an American expert on amphibious war. On the other hand, German analyst Dr. Kurt Pseisser predicted the invasion would come from the Mediterranean thus enabling the Allies to use the hardened troops from North Africa. We know today that the German high command correctly guessed the invasion site although they were wrong about everything else. But the event won’t take place for another year. For now, it’s all speculation.



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