Is Mr. Stork Coming Your Way?

Tuesday, June 8, 1943

Bowman Dairy_p.6_June 8, 1943I’m sure this ad for Bowman Dairy caught my mother’s eye. It raised the subject of pregnancy in a homespun but delicately worded way. Yes, Mr. Stork was coming her way and she was doing her best to drink lots of milk. In other food news, egg futures rose to a new high. But creamed eggs and fresh shrimp in bread cups, a wartime ration-point dish, would stretch them. Sauteed sweetbreads were on the menu for Thursday. And you couldn’t get more economical than baked kidney beans with salt pork for Saturday dinner. Sunday would be a splurge: pot roast of beef with whipped potatoes, fresh peas, and a salad of cucumber and lettuce all topped off with rice and peach pudding. Yes, the beef was a splurge but leftovers would go into Monday’s meat and vegetable pie as well as Tuesday’s roast beef hash. That’s how you stretched your points and your $$$!






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