Dogs and Raw Eggs

Sunday, May 30, 1943

Today Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Becker warned readers that raw eggs are not a good treatment for dog ailments. The wonder is who, in these days of rationing and food shortages, was giving precious eggs to dogs! Meanwhile prices were rolled back on butter and more rollbacks were expected for meat and coffee. It was a quiet Decoration Day yesterday.  Newspapers list war dead from five fronts. Leaders in London hinted a blow to Europe is near. And talk about double standards: The Nazis challenged British claims that Allied bombers only struck military sites in Germany. Instead, the Germans issued a list of schools, hospitals, and churches that had been hit. Wonder what Czechs, Poles, Belgians, Dutch, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Spaniards (remember Guernica?), France, Greece, and too many more to list thought of the Nazi complaints.




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