“Gone Off and Left the Faucet Running”

Friday, May 21, 1943

Devastating floods were raging throughout the Midwest. Crops p.10_May 21, 1943were rotting in the fields and the specter of hunger was growing not just in the United States but wherever people relied on “The Arsenal of Democracy” for food. Meanwhile my father-to-be waited word of his transfer. The Army had announced the biggest call up yet of physicians. In all, 11,000 were needed, according to the AMA. Did he have mixed feelings as he hoped he would join them while also anticipating the arrival of his first child? No! He wanted more than ever to be part of the war effort. On the Home Front, doctors were confronting the spread of syphilis. The military had succeeded in reducing cases among the armed forces but the numbers were growing among civilians.

Time to light the Sabbath candles.



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