Where’s the Whitefish?

Monday, May 17, 1943

Just as Lois was nearing her third trimester and settling into her p.12_May 17, 1943life at Maywood, Abe received a new assignment. It wasn’t the transfer to the Army he’d been hoping for but a promotion and transfer to another VA hospital. He expressed mixed feelings about the move in a letter to his sister Mim: “Well, we should be getting a transfer soon – now I almost wish we wouldn’t. We don’t feel much like moving at this time. We don’t even know which direction – east, north, south or west. Of course, I hope it’s east and the extra money will certainly come in handy… Well, we’ll see.” Among the benefits of moving back east would be getting real whitefish, as he explained: “ Today was the 10th time we got gypped on whitefish here. They all swear it’s whitefish and it looks like whitefish but when we eat it, it’s not whitefish – darn it!” All the small talk masked anxiety as Nazi bombers hit London, the Japanese opened a new drive in New Guinea, the fighting on Attu continued, Mussolini prepared for an Allied invasion of Italy, and the Nazis  still battled the Russians. Not that the Home Front was free from violence. In Chicago a 26-year old mother of two was with her husband at Grace’s Tavern, 2001 South Canalport, when someone fired a bullet through the tavern window and killed her instantly. Police are searching for her former husband.



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