WAACS: “..the Luckiest Girls Alive – And We Know It!”

Sunday, May 16, 1943

As if fighting Hitler weren’t enough, a twister hit Fort Riley in p.17_May 16, 1943Kansas injuring 200 men and destroying 41 buildings. Floods in Kansas led to nearby prisoners-of-war to volunteer on the sandbagging crews. Both events overshadowed war news such as the continuing battle for Attu, the growing air war over Italy, and Hitler’s announcement that he would continue as one-man ruler of the Third Reich. However confident he was, events hinted otherwise: The Nazis had confiscated over a million Dutch radios to prevent the people from learning about an invasion. None of this meant the war would end soon, despite everyone’s hopes. In fact, the drive to enlist women grew stronger than ever. (See the whole ad here.) In the first piece of good news for Jews, the Allies deposed Sidi Mohammed Al Mounsaf, the Bey of Tunisia, and rescinded anti-Semitic Axis laws.








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