Going Paleo – 1943 Style

Tuesday, May 11, 1943

Vegans were unknown in 1943 and vegetarians were rare. But the May 10, 1943_p.17_2paleo diet was actually more current than you would think. Americans were meat-and-potatoes people. And being a rural people still, many families could hunt and fish as well as garden and forage. So even with rationing, the question wasn’t meat or no meat. It was which meat. The best was reserved for the Armed Forces. That left organ meats. Not surprisingly, the main course menus for this week feature May 10, 1943_p.17dishes such as kidney stew on rice. Also on the week’s menu are lamb and vegetable pie – a good way to stretch a small amount of meat – and creamed dried beef in a noodle ring. Meanwhile, a leading British nutrition expert called for global food production to increase by 150 to 200% to maintain global health.




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