East or West? Home is Best

Friday, May 7, 1943

Americans were jubilant: Bizerte and Tunis were taken. The offensive p.2_May 7, 1943in North Africa had been successful. Or maybe not: The Nazis cast their defeat as a victory by claiming the long campaign in North Africa had diverted the Allies from a European invasion. On the Pacific Front, the Allies advanced in Aleutians island by hard-fought island toward Japan. This film directed by John Huston helped Americans understand why the island chain was so important. Military observers were already speculating on how that island might be invaded. Would the Allies next go north into Europe? East to Japan? Both at once? On the Home Front, while the coal miners strike continued, prices were cut for meat, butter, and coffee. And just in time for Sabbath eve Lois got a letter from her father evaluation – actually, grading – the recent seder. He was glad the family had included Benny, a secular Jew. “His smile was very evident… because he successfully put in a couple of points in my Seder commentaries. And though those two points were not exactly in the line of talk, it set him up in a distinguished position in our family.”





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