Women Workers Who Want Wars Won Will Work Wonders!

Monday, May 3, 1943

p.14_May 3, 1943Americans woke today to very welcome news: Just 22 minutes before President Roosevelt’s scheduled radio plea to the miners, John L. Lewis called off the strike and ordered 480,000 miners back to the pits – but only for a fortnight –and agreed to negotiate with Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes and John R. Steelman, head of the US conciliation service. One sticking point was Ickes’ support of a required six-day work- week. There was an added urgency to the President’s plea as news spread that 51 Japanese aircraft had made a bombing raid over Australia. Equally ominous was Russia’s breach with Poland over future boundaries. There was a growing sense that the war of today wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a peaceful world in the future. On the Home Front, an outbreak of diphtheria sickened several families sickened and killed one child. Doctors pleaded with parents to get the life-saving vaccinations for their children. For all households, it was time to plan menus for the coming week. Broiled stuffed frankfurters for dinner? Don’t knock them til you’ve tried them.

p.16_May 3, 1943

Above are the winning slogans in the latest anti-Axis slogan contest. You’re welcome to try your hand even though the deadline for submission is long past!







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