End of the Piano Wire

Friday, Apr. 30, 1943

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.38.48 PMAll this month, Lois and her father had been exchanging updates on the piano wire. The abandoned piano on her porch did not yield the coveted wire without a fight. Lois wrote: “The piano wire, after blunting several of the hospital workshop’s tools, are subdued and lying quietly in a coil ready for wrapping and shipping. Abe worked on the piano every day after work for a week. It became a matter of grim honor after a while. He really had fun doing it, too.” Her father responded a few days later: “Your report of the piano wire versus Abe reminded me a statement I once made to you when you and your girlfriends climbed over some hardened snow drifts after the boys gave up the attempt as impossible. Because Abe was lashed by the belief that I would have easily done it, he tried again and again whereas I might very well have given it up as a job not paying and we may say, as you once did, ‘You may well be proud of his ignorance.’” It was a rare decisive victory in a world where fortunes wavered daily and no end was in sight. The Allies still battled the Axis forces in Tunisia hill by hill. The farther the Allies advanced, the stronger the Nazis fought back. On the Home Front, President Roosevelt ordered the striking miners back to their jobs.

Savor small victories and light the Sabbath candles.

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