1943 Ration-Point Diet: Week Three Menus

Monday, Apr. 26, 1943

This week’s menus offer balanced nutritious meals with plenty of variety. For Tuesday’s dinner, for example, enjoy egg and parsley timbales with mushroom sauce accompanied by cooked carrots, a green salad, and rhubarb betty with vanilla sauce for dessert. See the guide below for how to shop and stretch your purchases. For p.20_1943_Apr 26Wednesday it’s baked ham with potatoes, gravy and other trimmings plus a baked apple dessert. Yes, ham is a splurge but on Thursday the leftovers go into a ham, noodle, and mushroom casserole. On Friday enjoy shrimp creole with cooked greens, fruit salad and pudding. Saturday’s menu is more exotic: braised oxtail with noodles, apple nut salad, and spice cup cakes for dessert. Your Sunday dinner is meat loaf with new parsley potatoes – possibly from your own Victory Garden – along with canned peas, an avocado orange salad, and prune nut whip for dessert. After that feast, Monday brings split pea soup with ham bone you saved from Wednesday’s dinner. A salad and cornbread on the side and you’ve got a tasty filling meal. Nothing to waste.  If Americans could joke about food on the Home Front, soldiers had a different experience.

p.21_1943_Apr 26



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