1943 Ration-point Diet Menus: Week Two

Tuesday, Apr. 13, 1943

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.55.09 AMThis week’s ration-point menus feature tongue: sliced beef tongue, tongue and scalloped potato casserole, beef chop suey with rice, and boiled salmon slices with parsley white sauce. For Sunday? Chicken, of course! The menus make good use of early spring produce such as rhubarb and parsley. Eating seasonal food wasn’t a lifestyle option; it was a necessity as victory gardens supplemented rationed supplies of canned goods. But this American diet, however restricted, was sumptuous compared to what people were eating in England, let alone Europe or Asia. How much longer would this last? Well, the Allies were closing in on Rommel in Africa. On the Home Front, the GOP called on President Roosevelt to renounce running for a 4th term, especially as he was proposing a supertax on high incomes, while a national drive began to raise a $13,000,000,000 to fund the war.



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