Passover Plans Gone Haywire

Friday, Apr. 9, 1943

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.00.34 PMIn order to help her mother make a Passover seder, Lois now had to unmake the arrangements her husband had made with his mother for Passover. And so letters went out to both families with a diplomatic message. “Here is the latest plan about our trip East. We have [train] tickets for April 16 which gets us into NYC sometime Saturday the 17th. Since we only have a measly week, we’re dividing it precisely between the two families – but – both seders have to be at Lois’ since her mother cannot travel. So, the schedule, as agreed, is thus:

1) Saturday – arrive in NYC visit Abe’s family overnight

2) Sunday – go to Lois’ family and remain to Wednesday

3) Wednesday – arrive in NYC and visit Abe’s grandmother, assorted aunts, uncles, etc etc

4) Thursday – return to Lois’ and stay overnight

5) Friday AM- say goodby to Lois’ family and return to NYC, say goodby

6) Friday PM – take train to Chicago

7) Saturday AM – Arrive Chicago and sleep for two days

I’ve taken the train myself to and from Chicago. The train should actually be an amazing alternative to airplanes for the trip east but freight trains now dominate the schedule. My parents had it lucky in one other way: They arrived in one of the most beautiful buildings ever constructed in New York City, Pennsylvania Station (above). Paris turned its Gare D’Orsay into a museum. We turned Pennsylvania Station into a concrete monstrosity.

Stop worrying and light the Sabbath candles.

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