“Don’t Worry About Pesach”

Wednesday, Apr. 7, 1943

At last Lois received a letter from her mother. The handwriting was shaky but the message reassuring: “My beloved, just a couple of lines to let you know that things are proceeding nicely. Hope to be home this coming Tuesday. Don’t worry. We have someone to clean the house for Pesach. ” Relieved, Lois wrote back, “All the reports are good.” Further, she wrote the Abe appreciated “you keeping me in the dark till it was all over because he knew I’d worry myself stiff. Of course, we won’t be at ease until we see you face to face with a big smile. Don’t worry about Pesach!” She volunteered Abe’s help: “ You should see him at home here. He goes about quietly doing many little things without waiting for thanks. He washes floors, dishes, windows, and does repair work so efficiently that I feel I got the next best thing to Pa.”

In Africa General Montgomery’s 8th Army delivered a crushing blow to Rommel thanks to sustained air offensive. But General MacArthur’s success in the Pacific was stirring such worries that Secretary of War Henry Stimson actually proposed prohibiting returning serviceman to run for a public office after the war unless he [sic!] had held the same one before entering the army.



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