Survival: What to Eat On a Desert Island

Sunday, Apr. 4, 1943

Survival GuideThis was no hypothetical or game show question. Facing global warfare, the Army and Navy issued survival guides for marooned or stranded servicemen and women with recipes for filet of snake and toasted grasshopper. The Army targeted downed airmen while the Navy focused on those adrift at sea. Patton’s Army was again pummeling Rommel in Tunisia, despite German reinforcements a few days earlier, while MacArthur’s troops had sunk two Japanese cruisers. Balancing this good news was notice that men aged 38 to 45 would be drafted unless they filled essential jobs. And while Americans were not eager to be involved in world affairs once the war ended, there was increasing concern about saving European Jews. Wisconsin Senator Alexander Wiley was due to make an address on WGN concerning the subject this afternoon. What with all this to consider, you wouldn’t think anyone would care of women wearing sweaters in aircraft plants. But they did. Although the “girls” staged a walkout over the issue, they finally agreed to give up their sweaters in return for getting work outfits.

Maybe tune out the world tonight and listen “live” to Arturo Toscanini’s NBC orchestra broadcast on WMAQ. The program of light works includes Ponchielli’s “Dance of the Hours” and Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody.



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