1943 Spring Fashions: Shoes and Hats But Maybe No Stockings

Friday, Apr. 2, 1943

A setback: Rommel advanced against the Allies in Tunisia thanks to an airlift of fresh Italian and German troops. On the fashion front, stockings were taking a hit for the war effort: Manufacturers were limited now to seven colors – no more than five colors for each style, sand stockings were now to be only 29” long rather than 30” as previously allowed plus no frills such as lace edges or fancy design at the top. In this era of bare legs, it’s hard to imagine the sense of deprivation the new rules unleashed. In those days, a “respectable” woman wouldn’t be seen in public, regardless of the weather, without stockings, heels, gloves, and a hat. Speaking of which, check out these fashions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.10.41 PMForget about stockings and light the Sabbath candles.


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