Second Semester Update: The Nesting Instinct Kicks In

Thursday, Apr. 1, 1943

216 N. Second Ave, Maywood?It’s not a myth: Midway through a pregnancy, women get the urge to clean and organize the home. My mother was no exception and wrote this exuberant letter to her parents today about housecleaning at 216 N. Second Avenue, Maywood, IL: “Today is one of those lovely Spring days you dream about and today ambition kicked me in the face bright and early. I armed myself with brooms, mops, rags, and a garden hose and I tackled the front porch. We have a hydrant on the porch – very handy. Well, it was the accumulated soot of centuries plus the old screens which just powdered into black dust. What a job! When I was thru, I was covered from head to foot with mud!…But it certainly was worth it. The porch has a nice paved floor with a red border. Now I’ll rest for a while and do some laundry to get the dirt out of my hands.”

This house, at 215 N. Second Avenue, gives you an idea of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Allies advanced in Tunisia dashed hopes that the war might really end soon.

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