“Died in Liquidation of the Jewish problem.”

Sunday, Apr. 11, 1943

Americans woke to news of the biggest air raid ever on Italy and the British were pushing toward Tunis in Africa. But this editorial cartoon caught the mixture of hope and misgiving as people wondered how much longer the war would go on. In fact, the analogy to a whaling voyage wasn’t that far off the mark. For, as we know now, there were at least two more years of fighting ahead for the European theater. However much longer it lasted, Jewish organizations throughout the country worked to save the millions under Axis rule threatened with death — not just Jews, but “every one with a price on his head.” By today 2 million Jews had been killed. Refugee organizations reported mail returned by the Axis censors marked “Died in liquidation of the Jewish problem.” One who survived was Mrs. Ivan Hellstroem, wife of a Swedish industrialist. She was allowed to leave France for Sweden provided she travel third class lest German officers on the train have to sit with “ghetto subjects” in first or second class train compartments. The vise was tightening on Jews who could not escape or afford to buy their way out.


4 PM today Toscanini WMAQ

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