The Amazon Crew – “Doing a man’s job for a man’s wages”

Wednesday, Mar. 31, 1943

Today Lois dashed off a postcard to her parents: “…the news about Ma’s steady recovery is delicious news! As for my coming home a week earlier – there hardly seems much point to it since we’ll be home before the weekend + all that I can do will be done then. Besides – to put my travel date forward would bring it to that part of the month when I should take it easy.” I have no idea what scientific theory my father knew of. I have never heard of this middle-of-the-month restriction.

Meanwhile, Rommel was on a 90 mile retreat and four Japanese destroyers were sunk by a Flying Fortress. With a nervous eye on the advancing Russians, Wladyslaw Sikorski, Prime Minister of the Polish government in Exile, vowed to “fight to the last man” to resist any post-war claims that “aim at the sovereignty and integrity of Poland.” The “Skip-A-Year” tax bill was defeated, much to the astonishment of the Republican dominated Congress. More curious, albeit heartening, was the way Jack Panzeca, male foreman, praised “The Amazon Crew,” the ten African-American women sent to repair railroad tracks.




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