Second Trimester Update: Girl or boy?

Monday, Mar. 29, 1943

Today, the first day of meat rationing, Lois began damage control maneuvers with a letter to her sister-in-law Mim. But she was more interested in the abiding question about a pregnancy in that era: predicting whether she would have a girl or boy. “Prediction” is the operative word as back then there was no way to tell until the baby was born. There was no imaging, no “reveal,” or any of the information we have now. So people relied on old wives tales – how the mother was carrying, how the baby was kicking, and such. Lois reported: “…we have some complications whether it’s a Daniel or a Susie (temporary titles only). It started kicking on both sides, making with the hands and feet, I suppose. Every now and then it lurches to a new position while I stop in the middle of the room and wonder who is pushing me around. In spite of everything it’s quite small – so far. So I think we’ll rename it the ‘Mighty Mite’.”

Into this chatty note, Lois slipped a hint that her coming visit might be problematic: “The Seder problem sure is garbled up this year…My mother surprised us by submitting to a long-delayed and much-needed operation which means she’ll have to pull her horns in this Passover and do all her work from an easy chair. I can see that I shall have to apply my newly acquired skill at making gefulte fish, etc this Passover. I don’t mind, tho, because I like to cook – provided I have something to cook!”

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