Family Secrets

Wednesday, Mar. 24, 1943

More news from home. Growing war industries had changed Lois’ hometown. Her father wrote, “We’re being crammed with defense workers more and more all the time…Most of our stores are closed Mondays. Not us, of course.” More disturbing was his news that her mother was now convalescing from an operation. “Mother did not want it to be known at first…But last night after the operation, probably weakened down from its effects, she lost interest in surprises and wished us to let you know about it.” He kept a bright face on the matter, ending his letter, “We enjoy practically everything you two guys write so keep going like before and feed our enjoyment for our allotted 120 years and when you grow up and we grow down, we will pay you back…Lovingly, Pa” But this news would affect Lois and Abe’s plans to come home for the Jewish holiday of Passover. A delicate dance was about to be disrupted.

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