Metal Rationing and Much Ado About Piano Wire

Monday, Mar. 22, 1943

While food rationing invariably received front page treatment, metal rationing had a huge impact on many small business. Lois’ parents owned a bicycle shop. They needed all kinds of metals to repair bikes and get them back on the road. Thus, Lois got a request from her father today. His formality and extensive analysis of the situation reveal how serious the request is and how daunting rationing requirements could be. “I want a favor from you. I wanted to ask you for a long time…But as usual I forgot. There is a piano on your front porch rusting away. I could use the strings. We need certificates to buy tempered or any kind of wire. I cannot state that I need it just now, but I can use them sometime in the future. And it is in the interest of all concerned that these piano strings be utilized. It is a ticklish job. They curl and strike like snakes.”

I am sure Lois agreed.

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