Second Trimester Thought: A good family life is the best vitamin there is.

Friday, Mar. 19, 1943

“We got another wedding present today,” Lois wrote to her folks. It was a small chromium and aluminum grill “used to make midnight snacks such as grilled cheese sandwiches.” She’d also gotten a knife and reported: “I made Shabbes today, and as usual, cut several fingers with a sharp knife we got. I cleaned the fish with it and it pulled the flesh away from the bones and skin (not mine) like nobody’s business. Yep, we’ve got a perfectly equipped household. Did I ever tell you how handy that wooden chopping board has been? I feel a little like a grandmother when I use it – but that’s not a bad feeling, is it Ma?” Abe was washing windows she added and ended, “We both feel fine. I think that the inner security of a good family life is the best vitamin there is. By the way, L’il Daniel has begun to tap out messages in Morse Code – ‘Send my love to Grandma and Grandpa.’ Your loving daughter”

She’d waited a long time to be able write a letter like this. A good day to light the Sabbath candles.

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