Second Trimester: “Being an American in America”

Friday, Mar. 5, 1943

Mar. 3, a943, Chicago Tribune, p.3

Mar. 3, 1943, Chicago Tribune, p.3

It’s easy from our perspective today to see Americans as wholly supportive of the war effort and of the men and women in European. Truth be told, for all our talk about “The Greatest Generation,” there was lots of grumbling, graft, greed, and outright support for the Nazis. So my mother’s gratitude at “being an American in America” was not shared by everyone. Consider meat rationing: Americans had it better than anywhere else but still resented rationing. It took powerful images such as this one to remind people why they had to cut back on meat. Continuing her letter, my mother alluded to her previous marriage and what she had learned about life: “People get themselves into the worst messes chasing after money and position. And if I weren’t happy, no birthday gift of a fabulous diamond from a husband I didn’t love would console me for missing out on the important things.”

Just the right sentiment for lighting the Sabbath candles.


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