Second Trimester: My mother-to-be Counts Her Blessings

Thursday, Mar. 4, 1943

On her birthday, my mother wrote a long letter to her parents – so long, I’ll excerpt it over more than one blog entry: “Well, today is my birthday,” she began. “As you know I have always dedicated that day to a thorough stock-taking and inventory. I count up my blessings and add up other things. Funny thing is, I’m always surprised at how much I really have to be thankful for. This year more than ever, I come out with a plus side that overshadows whatever negatives may exist. In fact, the only valid negative I can point to is the big distance between me here in Chicago and you in New England. Some children may consider it an advantage, but I’m either past that stage or else never really was in it. But the plus items are really staggering. The health and security of my family, my own happiness, and the good fortune of being an American in America are things that millions of people must yearn for in these days.”


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