Second Trimester “Baby Moon” – WWII style

Tuesday, Mar. 2, 1943

A Baby Moon in 1943 was nothing like today’s special trip for the expectant couple to enjoy the anticipation of parenthood without the actual work. But there is still nothing like the second trimester when the worries of an early miscarriage are past but the pregnant woman can still sleep comfortably. First trimester nausea is often gone and women feel in the bloom of health. A leisure trip was out of the question but my mother was jubilant as she wrote to her parents today: “Your baby is 30 years old and L’il Daniel is 4 down and 5 to go (in round figures). I feel simply wonderful. I get up early and keep busy all day long. Something tells me I’m going to healthier this year than I’ve been in a long time – in spite of the cold weather.”

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