Poland in Russia’s crosshairs

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.38.17 AMSaturday, Feb. 27, 1943

Yankee bombers raked the German sub base of Wilhelmshaven as the Allies carried the war in earnest to Axis soil even as Rommel continued pulling back in Africa. In the Pacific, the Army released the names of 570 wounded, not counting those who were Japanese prisoners of war. The Army also predicted it would have over 4 million soldiers overseas in 1944. Yet with no end to the war in sight, trouble was already brewing for the post-war scene. Despite demand by the Polish government in exile, Russia refused to give up the sections of Poland it had “liberated” from the Nazis or to pledge the Four Freedoms. If I was indeed going to be a “Daniel,” I’d grow up just in time for more conflicts.

Meanwhile, my mother wrote to her parents, “I’m tickled pink about the metal springs,” probably about a carriage. “The screened in crib sounds wonderful! I don’t think I’d have thought of those things. After all, I know absolutely nothing about babies except that they cry.”




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