Ways to S-T-R-E-E-E-T-C-H Rationing

Friday, Feb. 26, 1943

Just in time for Friday night dinner, Mary Meade offered recipes to stretch meat rations. One was to substitute fresh fruit and vegetables so you can hold onto the rationed canned goods. Fresh fruit n February? More practical is stretching your ground meat with lots of bread crumbs to make a loaf that will feed a family of 4-6. She advised serving it with broiled grapefruit, cooked carrots and an apple salad for a filling and nutritious meal. The weekly “market basket menu” helped women like my mother find what was available in quantity and reasonably priced. The prize ($5!) recipe for the day is baked halibut. Also in the paper — fruity muffins. Want to throw a fun and inexpensive party? Try an old-fashioned taffy pull. Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickard was warning, “Some of us are going to have to revised our diets downward” as he predicted more stringent rationing. An Englishwoman could only shake her head in wonder at the abundance in the American heartland. More serious is the news that meat rationing has inspired an outbreak of cattle rustling.

Feb 26, 1943_P 18

Time for a Spring fashion note: Hats inspired by military headgear.





Light the Sabbath candles and rejoice in the peace of the moment.

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