No Lions at the Brookfield Zoo?

Sunday, Feb. 21, 1943

In the midst of the family intrigue, Pa noted that the Brookfield Zoo was going to close as part of wartime restrictions. This news prompted my mother and father to make a special visit. My mother reported: “We were so alarmed by your report of the closing of the Brookfield Zoo that we took the whole afternoon today to visit the animals. This time, we saw all the bears – grizzly bears, polar bears, honey bears, etc. We also visited the giraffes and discovered that one the mothers and her tot had been replaced by the papa who is just too tall for description. He bent over his twenty-foot wire and looked down at us. He was probably thinking just as we were, ‘They ain’t no sech animal!’ We also saw two camels and a whole bunch of kangaroos and a sleeping anteater. There were turtles that weighed over 300 pounds. But we couldn’t get into the lion house, so maybe they really are getting rid of them. I hope more lions will be caught after the war because things will be too quiet around the zoo otherwise.”

To this day, the Brookfield and Lincoln Park Zoos are marvelous places to visit and centers of important conservation programs — and, yes, they do have lions.

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