What’s for Dinner? Mock Sausage and Other Mealtime Treats

Saturday, Feb. 13, 1943

Stretching meat or doing without it entirely was a wartime imperative. Everyone — well, most everyone — was careful about meal planning. And that meant eating more legumes. Funny that everything old is new again. In the 21st century, we’ve rediscovered the healthful and nutritious value of these inexpensive foods. Try these recipes for Baked Kidney Beans, Mock Sausage, Lentils Spanish Style, Vegetarian Loaf, and Limas Louisaana (this one calls for pork sausage.) The GOP-controlled Senate, “Alarmed” at this shift in eating habits was investigating this “scandalous” privation. But since President Roosevelt was now promising to strike Tokyo, the war surely wouldn’t go on much longer, right?





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