Honoring “The Great Emancipator”

Friday, Feb. 12, 1943

Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday — the real birthday, not the Monday holiday that lumps Lincoln and Washington together and uses their images in ads for cars and mattresses. Simmering not so far beneath the Home Front surface was the growing awareness among “coloreds” and “Negroes,” as African-Americans were then called, that Lincoln’s work was unfinished. Sure, factories were more welcoming due to the shortage of eligible workers. But the military only grudgingly opened its enlistment rolls and even then employed African-Americans in menial tasks. This would change but only under great pressure. In the South, lynching was still rampant as were Jim Crow laws. In the North, segregation was more subtle but still present. Ready for the presidential race of 1944? Senator Burton K. Wheeler (D- Montana) has announced his backing of former president Herbert Hoover for GOP presidential candidate in1944. Yes, that Herbert Hoover.

Time to light the Sabbath candles.






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