Radio Gossip in Hot Water

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1943

Feb 9, 1943_p.11“Ba, ba, black sheep. Have you any wool?” The old children’s nursery rhyme took on a different meaning this week. Fear of rationing sent panicked consumers into stores to buy clothing and shoes. But the government announced that there was no shortage and no need for rationing. In fact, despite such ads as this, a government bulletin stated that “Supplies of wool in the United States are larger by several hundred million pounds than they were when the Japs struck at Pearl Harbor.” But the really big news was the Presidential Executive Order to require 48-hour weeks in factories in order to maximize war production. Meanwhile radio broadcaster and society gossip  Walter Winchell was in hot water with the Senate for using profanity when attacking critics of his New Deal connections. Winchell, a Navy Lieutenant on active duty, actually called them “damn fools.”




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