Get Out The Washtubs!

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1943

The movement of money and resources has become a dizzying global calculus. The US shipped 1,375 boatloads of Lend Lease goods to Britain. Canada shipped 20% of its guns to the US while also pledging 1 billion dollars to Britain. To make this generosity possible, citizens had to tighten their belts. So the War Production Board wants housewives to forgo washing machines and get out their washtubs. That will help conserve oil. Britain’s Food Minister, predicting dire shortages in the summer, urged people to eat potatoes rather than bread. Privations to be sure but nothing compared to the horrors facing Nazi-occupied countries. Pro-Nazi Dutch General Hendrick Alexander Seyffardt died Saturday after being shot and the Dutch expect massive Nazi reprisals.






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