Allied Party Crashers!

Sunday, Jan. 31, 1943

Good News: The RAF had conducted a successful air raid deep into German territory on the very day of Hitler’s birthday celebration. Talk about crashing a party! The Russians had taken more territory including a key oil city. The Allies had also sunk more Japanese war ships. But the war hadn’t ended yet, despite hope. In fact, Axis resistance was stiffening. Hitler had warned the Germans, “Win or become slaves.” He assumed the Allies would do unto him as he had done to everyone else. U-Boats were still taking a heavy toll of American shipping despite the convoy system.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.38.02 AM

Time for some distraction. The Sunday comics came in handy. One favorite was George McManus’ “Bringing Up Father,” about Jiggs, a well-heeled but hen-pecked guy just trying to hold his own against his wife.





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