An Asparagus Salesman

Friday, Jan. 29, 1943

U-Boats sank four more US ships in a convoy. While most of the crew survived, the wolf pack success was a somber discordant note as the Allies celebrated further success in Africa. And as Joseph Grew had repeatedly warned, the Japanese were fighting. Now his words were being echoed by General Alexander A. Vandergrift, commander of the marine invasion of the Solomon Islands. “I don’t know whether to call it bravery or what. They’re fanatics, “ he said of the Japanese. “They do what they’re told to do or die trying.” Although news from the Casablanca Conference of Roosevelt, deGaulle, Giraud, Churchill and Stalin was closely guarded, the American public awaited a major offensive in Europe any day. All signs pointed to an invasion route through Greece, Italy and France. Hitler certainly expected that. Yesterday he had decreed the mobilization of the entire German population for “total warfare.”

On the home front, 50-year old Bugs Moran, a former rival of Al Capone, was arrested for disorderly conduct after getting into a shoving match with an Ensign. When arraigned and asked what he did for a living, Moran answered, “I’m an asparagus salesman.”

Time to light the Sabbath candles and enjoy a brief moment of peace.

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