“..the sympathy of all Christians must go out..to the Jews”

Thursday, Jan. 28, 1943

The Jewish Sentinel today reported (p.23) that the National Refugee Service had settled 200,000 Jewish refugees in the United States. Noting that most refugees were over 60 and not able to support themselves, the Service set a fundraising goal of $2,100,000. The United Jewish Appeal planned to raise over $9,000,000 to help refugees. Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to the United States, announced, “… the sympathy of all Christians must go out to the persecuted people, the Jews.” Further heralding the geopolitical shift that was coming, Sir Wardlaw-Milne, a conservative member of the British Parliament, declared that North African territory newly liberated by British forces should be “available territories for the oppressed Jewish race.” Just yesterday fifty Jewish orphans arrived in Palestine from Hungary, the first group to arrive from Nazi-held territory in two years. Even then, recognizing the assault on the European Jewish community, no one could guess the extent of Nazi destruction. Our focus these days is on the death camps with their barbed wire and smoking ovens. But before the Nazis reached that level of organization, they simply went from village to town to city throughout Eastern Europe, gunning Jews down en masse and dumping the bodies in ditches.



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