Eat the Fish, Spare the Butter

Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1943

While my mother struggled with gefulte fish, Mary Meade offered another approach: use mackerel, trout, salmon or other lean fish with a simple sauce. One of her recipes was for a mixture of sour cream, mustard, and either lemon juice or vinegar. Another was for tartar sauce made with salad dressing, chopped pickle and chopped onion. Or make a basic white sauce with margarine or meat drippings instead of butter. While these recipes demonstrated thriftiness, they also spoke of abundance: Salad dressing, sour cream, and fish were all available.

Thriftiness at home would be necessary as on January 6 President Roosevelt had proposed a staggering $109 billion budget requiring new taxes  stating: “We wage total war because our very existence is threatened. Without that supreme effort we cannot hope to retain the freedom and self-respect which give life its value.” Opposing a sales tax, he preferred doubling the existing Victory tax and applying it to corporations as well as individuals. “In total war,” he said,” we are all soldiers, whether in uniform, overalls or shirt sleeves.”

Imagine if a president had delivered such a message during our recent wars.





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