Looking at Hollywood

Wednesday, Jan.6, 1943

Entertainment was important during WWII. Whether it was movies or Dame Myra Hess playing at the National Gallery in London, people needed distraction, engagement, Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 3.08.51 PMuplift — and gossip. So Hedda Hopper’s “Looking at Hollywood” was eagerly read. Her column was good for business, too, building anticipation for filming underway. For example, she reported today from the set of “Girl Crazy” where Tommy Dorsey, Judy Garland, and Busby (“Buzz,” to Hedda) Berkley were hard at work. Also starring June Allyson and Mickey Rooney, this MGM movie was based on the stage play with music by George Gershwin. Set on a dude ranch, it would provide the perfect escape for hardworking Americans. Film stars were also entertaining troops at home and abroad, with Edward G. Robinson in England and Martha Raye in Ireland.

Meanwhile the GOP-dominated 78th Congress convened pledging to back the war but fight incompetence.

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